Topfil Blueberry 70% Bucket 5kg AN


A range of delicious fruit fillings, Topfil is packed with fruit pieces and is the perfect solution for consumers looking for more natural food. Full of only the choicest fruit, Topfil gives crunch to fruit preparations, as well as a sublimely juicy taste.

Product description

  Fruit preparation with blueberries for Danish pastries, croissants and other fresh or frozen fine confectionery products. No artificial colors & no artificial flavors.


Ready to use.

Freeze stable.

Bake stable.

Natural flavor.


Store in ambient temperature between +5 - +25 °C  

Can be used for 2 weeks if pail is closed properly and stored between 0 – 10 °C

Shelf Life Up to: 9 Months

Weight: Bucket 5 Kg