Whippak Carton 12X1L AN 1080



Product description

 Whippak is the perfect base to make your own customized fillings, like for example, diplomat cream or the perfect chocolate mousse. When blended with dairy cream, Whippak adds extra stability and performance. Of course, Whippak can also be used pure, either as a filling or as decoration. 

How to use


Before whipping, chill the product for at least 12 hours to between 5-8 °C. Whip at medium speed until the desired consistency is obtained. 

The product can be used on its own or mixed with cream or cold milk. Once whipped, the product is freeze and thaw stable.


Easy to use.

Can add and incorporate multiple flavors in it.


 Store in a dry place (R.H.: max 65%) between 2 and 20 °C. Avoid temperature variations.

After opening the product can be kept in a fridge for maximum 3 days.

Shelf Life Up to: 9 Months

Weight: Bucket 1 L